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Meritamun the Spear Mistress by BrandonSPilcher

This is a really interesting piece of artwork. I have to admit, I love things based in the jungle, be it film, television or whatever I...

Let's take up to the sky by MG-Koruption17

I think this picture is very beautiful and cute. I like the idea of two Chinese Dragons intertwining with each other to mate. I could a...

Keith Haring Tribute by GAGBAGCHEN

I think that hieroglyph symbol of the dog is nice and ancient. Is it Aztec? Well what ever it is, it is AWESOME! I have seen this symbo...

by T-Reqs

I think this one is the best he has ever done. The flames really do make him stand out and brighten up this beautiful design. And I lov...



D-013: Strecko in Action by tombola1993
D-013: Strecko in Action
Name: Strecko

Number: 013

Orientation: Origin

Gender: Male

Powers and abilities: Stretches his spring loaded thorax to reach high places or cross large gaps.

Other info (Has sucker tipped fingers for extra grip like an earth gecko, and also sometimes moves like a slinky. He also licks his eyes, because he has no eyelids. He also has springy cartalige in his thorax to make sure every action he does is well executed without injuring himself.)

Objective: To steal a diamond from the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C.)

Fate after redemption: Used as a vine, grapple or a bridge/tightrope.
D-187: Sikes in action by tombola1993
D-187: Sikes in action
Name: Sikes

Number: 187

Orientation: Combat

Gender: Male

Powers and abilities: Disembowels his victims with his claws and teeth, combined with his extremely violent temper. (does so by following his predatory instincts from a family of primitive dog-like aliens called Blood Wolves, which he evolved from, which made his kind become more intelligent, and a lot stronger and cunning.)

Other info (Sikes was a former lone shark and a former asylum inmate, has major anger and mental health issues such as schizophrenia, and also is desensitised by Theatre productions, and idolises the character Bill Sykes, which is why he names himself Sikes, but with an 'I'. He was also put on medication to keep his mood stable.)

Objective: Went to London to audition for the part of Bill Sykes for a production of Oliver Twist, but also terminate anyone who decides otherwise. 

Fate after Redemption: After intense therapy from Deadly psychiatrist D-008: Cesar Stein, he became an actor for various theatre productions,and a star for a documentary called "Through the Eyes of Sikes".
D-282: Light Sabre Tooth in Action by tombola1993
D-282: Light Sabre Tooth in Action
Name: Light Sabre Tooth

Number: 282

Gender: Male

Orientation: Nature

Powers and abilities: Uses his radioactive fangs to bite down prey and turn them into mutant carnivores (Does so by biting into the victim's flesh. Effects Wear off in 20 minutes if mutated, but can also kill them otherwise. There is a 50% chance of a victim surviving via mutation, or dying from being dematerialised)

Other info (Acts like any earth cat, purrs when happy, speaks English, and uses his detachable fangs as swords. Plus, Amber always dresses up as a cheerleader when Jayden or the redeemed Deadlies engage in combat for sparring purposes at the base.)

Objective: Terrorise Los Angeles with a prehistoric Deadly Army with D-072: Tarmonger as their leader.

Fate after redemption: Swords-Deadly and one of Jayden's battle cats.
D-266:Elegon in Action by tombola1993
D-266:Elegon in Action
Name: Elegon


Gender: Male

Powers and abilities: sprays fire out of his trunk to cause devastating fires.

Other info (He glides with his wings, which create warm updraughts of air. He also enhanced strength and durability.)

Objective: Causing a forest fire in India.

Fate after redemption: Uses his fire powers to fire up a sauna, and Ariel transportation.


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AetherPrincess Featured By Owner 8 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the watch ;P
tombola1993 Featured By Owner 11 minutes ago
You're welcome.
dinoboygreen Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey Tommy! While I was coming up with dialogue for Deadly 500 episode 3 (Don't worry, I'm still on it, in case you're wondering), I've come up with a great Fantasy RPG that I want to pitch to Sony for the PS4/PSVita.

I call it: "Time of Giants: Freeze or Burn"

The story goes as such: Long ago there was an Earth that was seemingly lifeless. Nothing but a toxic, sterile mass of scorched rubble. However, this wasn't the case. Earth was in fact made that way by the toxic Fire God known as Kranxes. He made the world like that so that he could breed equally poisonous, fiery monsters to help him overthrow the other gods. However, one of the goddesses knew of this plan courtesy of an as of yet unknown spy. She was Throus, the goddess of life. With the help of the spy, the monsters were turned to stone and buried below the Earth. With no army, Kranxes was forced to leave and hide away, but swore his revenge. As for the now-vacant Earth, it was terraformed by the spell they used to turn the monsters to stone called Life Renewal, which reversed the effects Kranxes used on Earth in favor of making it more habitable.

Enter modern day, where a kid named Lewis lives in a small suburb in eastern Gener Town. After billions of years in dormancy, one of Kranxes generals emerges from his backyard and wreaks havoc. Lewis would have likely been killed by said general had it not been for Lewis forcing him back with what seems like an EMP blast. With that, he's found by one of Thorus's guards; a heron-human hybrid named Heros and taken to Thorus for both questioning and to help him on a quest to defeat the ten generals before they try to reawaken Kranxes once more.
tombola1993 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
I think Square Enix, Naughty Dog or Sega might accept the idea. I like it.
dinoboygreen Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Our main characters that join our hero are as follows:

We have Lewis of course, who's main powers are telekinesis, EMP blasts and his snarky commentary. Though he does learn pyrokinesis abilities as time goes on...

With him is Heros, the aforementioned captain of Thorus's guard, who's main attacks are his speed and a few wind powers.

Garolyn, swordsman and resident samurai of the team.

The healer and sage Sobek.

Brass artillery expert Tonya. I'll explain as I go over them individually.

And finally, the redeemptee Xilvar, a former Kranxes general and resident honorable bad-boy.
PsyConTom Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2015
Hello! I know you've appeared several times before on my different works. But I don't think i've had the chance to properly introduce myself. So hello!
tombola1993 Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2015
Hello. You must be PsyConTom. I Am pleased to make your acquaintance.:D (Big Grin) 
PsyConTom Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2015
Pleased to meet you as well. Even though we've just done introductions. I was curious whether or not you would like to participate in a recent project i've been working? You might have heard of it already. "Blood Oath"? 
tombola1993 Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2015
Yeah sure.
(1 Reply)
dinoboygreen Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Also, I've noticed that we have many voice actors on the project, but no directors or writers say for Andrea Romano as a cast director. Therefore, I'm rectifying it now with a list of people I think will make the writing process much more pleasant:

Dave Polsky (Former writer of South Park and king of fast-paced comedy)

Aaron Springer (Former Spongebob and Samurai Jack writer and one of my personal idols)

Amy Keating Rogers (Besides her work on MLP, she's also been a Spongebob writer and Dexter's Lab writer. So yeah, she's been around)

And last but not least, I strongly recommend we hire my personal hero in the animation world, the same master mind behind Earthworm Jim, The Weekenders and Dave the Barbarian, the lord of 4th Wall Breaking: Doug Langdale!
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